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Irina Bukatik




Irina Bukatik is an avid traveler and food lover. In addition to these passions, she is a talented professional and product leader. She has over fifteen years of experience in her industry and is proud of the food & travel blog she runs. 

Everywhere one looks, one can see Irina Bukatik’s love of food and wine; for example, Irina pursued her Silver Pin Sommelier certification from the North American Sommelier Association. A Sommelier is a wine steward with extensive training and knowledge. They are responsible for curating and managing wine lists, assisting guests in selecting wines that complement their meals, and ensuring a memorable dining experience. Sommeliers possess a deep understanding of different grape varieties, wine regions, vintages, and wine-making techniques. They also stay up-to-date with emerging trends and new wines in the market. Because of her deep love for wine, it’s no surprise that Irina Bukatik would create a sommelier blog to accompany her personal site.

Irina Bukatik believes that our favorite dishes provide valuable insights into our culture and experiences. Exploring new culinary experiences offers a wonderful opportunity to embrace diverse cultures and histories. Irina Bukatik hopes to inspire others to venture into unfamiliar cuisines more frequently. This is one of the many goals behind her blog.

Irina Bukatik firmly believes that travel is an extraordinary adventure that offers unparalleled experiences. Food and travel are inseparable companions for her, as they contribute to incredible journeys. Exploring new cultures and exotic destinations while indulging in novel cuisines brings Irina immense joy. Likewise, Irina will never pass up the opportunity to try a new variety of coffee.

The allure of traveling the world encompasses various aspects such as cuisine, cultural immersion, and wine, among others. Irina’s insatiable desire to savor as many of these experiences as possible fuels her frequent travels. Like many avid explorers, Irina Bukatik has traversed the globe for authentic meals and unique encounters. Her passion for travel and food eventually led her to launch a blog, where she amalgamates her love for food, travel, and writing. 

Irina Bukatik’s blog serves as a platform to share her experiences, including her time spent in Spain, and provides valuable tips and tricks for both seasoned and novice travelers. If you consider yourself a foodie and require guidance on exploring the culinary wonders of the world, you’re in luck! Irina’s website offers a definitive guide on travel and cuisine.

Before diving into her professional life, Irina Bukatik focused on her education. Irina obtained her BS in Management Information Systems and Services from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. She then completed her MBA at the University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business.

Irina Bukatik has had a long and exciting professional career. Currently, she serves as the VP of Products at GRIN, where she is responsible for recruiting and leading product design and operation teams. She has been with GRIN for two years and finds the challenges of this position enjoyable. Irina has held various interesting roles throughout her career, such as Chief Member at App Annie, Sr. Director of Product at Reflektive, Director of Product Management at Kenshoo, Sr. Product Manager at Adchemy, and Program Manager at Microsoft.

To learn more about Irina Bukatik, visit her on LinkedIn.




North American Sommelier Association

Silver Pin Sommelier Certification

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